2004 Season

Welcome to the 2004 edition of the Annual Football Derby. Follow the links to get the results of the games as well as the current standings.

The Final standings are:

  Right Wrong % Rank G.B.
Irwin Football 221 87 .718 1  
Irwin Associates 214 94 .695 2 7
Harris Futuristic Forecasts 210 98 .682 3 11

Summary of the season:

For the first 4 weeks of the season it looked like Harris Futuristic Forecasts was going to pull out another Championship. Week 5, however turned out to be disastrous as Irwin Football dominated that week and beat Harris by 4 games to take over 1st place.  In Week 6, Irwin Associates pulled into a tie with Harris for 2nd place. For an unprecedented 3 weeks, they remained deadlocked at 2 games out of 1st. Week 9 saw a break in the tie as Harris dropped to 3rd place. The following week he regained 2nd place due to Irwin Associates collapse and at that point Irwin Football began to build a commanding lead that would never again be challenged as he opened a 4 game lead. Week 11 saw Harris become unhinged as they had .400 accuracy for the week and tumbled to 3rd place, 9 games from the lead. Irwin Associates make strong recovery in Week 12 by winning the week but it was to little to late. Irwin Football tied with Irwin Associates in the final week to win the championship by 7 games over Irwin Associates. Harris Futuristic Forecasts fell 11 games off the pace and finished in last. What started as a promising season turned to bitter disappointment. But for the collapse in Week 10 by Irwin Associates, they may have had a chance to compete for the championship.

Up Week 1 - 9/4/04 Week 2 - 9/11/04 Week 3 - 9/18/04

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Harris Futuristic Forecasts
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Irwin Associates
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Irwin Football
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President - John A. Irwin

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